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    Great looking group of kids my eldest daughter keeps at me to teach her to knapp she is 8 years old i am a little worried that she will get hurt and wife will kill me but i think it might worth it


    Reply from caveman2533:

    Let her do it. We need to let our kids do more. It helps their confidence and develop skills. Just use common sense. Don't let them use obsidian, wear glasses use pads and gloves if you can find them that fit.  they don't usually do it for long then they run off to do something else.
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    Hi Steve..Don Reed here sw misssouri..I have been admiring your flint knapping.You do some killer work.


    Reply from caveman2533:

    Hi Don,
    Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate hearing that. I have been knapping nearly 20 years and the first 7-8 mostly self taught. Most of the teaching influences and credits have to go to Jack Cresson of New Jersey. Started abo and have gone mostly to copper altho I switch back and forth a lot. I was out that way this summer at Craigs quarry and Steve Kirschmans. I am going to AZ this Jan. with Pete Davis to visit Tom Dodge and attend the Quartzite knapin. should be lots of fun.